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August 30, 2017


Parents and Guardians – your children’s behavior is excellent, thank you!  Mr. Dean, GHS Principal, indicated during his staff meeting this week that he has seen fewer discipline referrals for the first 15 days of school than he has seen in his entire career.  Other building principals are experiencing the same results.  Our students are doing a great job in the classrooms, hallways and on school grounds.  I am so proud of our students for behaving as they should in terms of respect for themselves, others and adults. 


As mentioned, our next priority is student involvement.  Our kids need to be active and “connected.”


Over the past couple weeks I have asked many of our students if they participate in school extracurricular activities.  While some students do participate, we have many that do not.  In fact, I was very disappointed when I found that one of our students, who is very talented in music, does not participate in school music programs because of fees.  Trust me, she is very talented and needs to be in a school sponsored music program. 


This past Friday night, I witnessed talented athletes while standing on the sideline of the Georgiana football field during the varsity football game.  I told Mr. Moorer (Georgiana Principal), “Man these kids are fast.”  He agreed.  Neither of us could believe that Georgiana has not had a track team for the past several years.  What?  We will have a Georgiana track team this year, and I believe these student athletes could bring home a state title.  Mr. Moorer says many students have shown interest in participating.  Good!   


I will not compromise my position that our students need to participate and be active in school.  I also strongly believe that students should not have to pay to participate (other than the “extras” like new outfits or camps).  In fact, I believe we should require that all 6-12 grade students participate in at least one activity a year as a graduation requirement.  Why do I take such a strong position regarding the subject of student participation?  Because I love our students and care about their general well-being and self-worth.  


Next week, I will be meeting with the State Superintendent of Education to discuss my position and seek possible help from the State Department.


I greatly appreciate the school community support, as well.


Take care,




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