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Superintendent Dr. John Strycker

Dr. John Strycker

September 22, 2017

Weekly Update


I know there’s  not a parent in our community who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.  Our hearts are broken today for our Greenville Middle School family.  While nothing can fill the void of a lost child or loved one, all of us can offer a hand to remind this family that we are there for them, that we are praying for them, and ultimately the love they felt for their child endures not just in their memories but also in ours.





Moving Forward with Plan – Let’s get our students involved.

The Butler County Board of Education held the regular September Board meeting last Thursday night in the Board room.  Highlighting the meeting were presentations regarding curriculum & instruction, finance, facilities and the     superintendent update. 

Superintendent Dr. John Strycker provided updates in the areas of student achievement, maintaining programs, school climate, facilities & technology, evaluation process, safety & security, communications and fiscal responsibility.  “This monthly update to the Board and community is vital for our school system operations.  This update process creates a ‘score board’ so to speak in each focus area.  This will allow us to measure our progress, or lack of progress in each area on a monthly basis,” said Strycker. 

“I have not witnessed this much positive progress this quickly in my nearly 13 years as a school superintendent.  I am grateful to God, parents, students and our entire school community for allowing us to progress as we have thus far.”  Strycker went on to say, “Our student discipline referrals remain at records lows, as well as attendance issues for this time of the school year.  Buildings are in good order.”

Strycker then gave an update on the progress of student participation.  “Thanks to additional funding from the State of Alabama, our students do not have to pay fees to participate in existing extracurricular activities,” he said. 

Strycker was also very excited about student interest to form a track team at Georgiana.  The school has not had a track team in recent history.  “We had 96 kids sign up to participate in track and field for next spring!  Pretty outstanding considering we only have about 440 K-12 students in the building.”

Lisa Adair, system curriculum and instructional leader, reviewed the 2017-18 assessment dates, assessment focus, 2017-18 emphasis on literacy and teacher preparedness.  “Considering our data and status, we are going to focus on content with both staff and students,” she said. 

The Board of Education also received an update regarding the system monthly financial report and facility operations.  The Board approved the personnel report, financial report, 2017-18 salary schedule, policy revisions and 2017-18 committees.   

Recognitions for the month included McKenzie High School student Kelsey McCullough and Georgiana School teacher and coach Carlton Edwards. 

“I am very proud of Kelsey for organizing and planning a bake sale for the MHS Library.  She is a natural leader and demonstrated outstanding leadership with this project."

“I greatly appreciate Coach Edwards for the sincere heart he gives to his students and fellow workers day-in and day-out.  He is a good example for us all.”           


Regarding any questions or concerns, please call John Strycker, Superintendent, at (334) 382-2665.


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