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Superintendent Dr. John Strycker

Dr. John Strycker

March 14, 2018

Weekly Update


The Butler County Commitment - My Commitment


For the time being, this information will serve as my Weekly Update because it is so important to the future of our school community. This plan - The Butler County Commitment - is a blueprint aimed to transform a school culture. This plan takes into account that students are made up of spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical characteristics. 


In my nearly 30 years as an educator, I have yet to see such a disconnect between intelligent and talented students and low student performance outcomes. Thank you for reading this information. 


Certainly, you are welcome to call or e-mail me any questions you have regarding the plan. I would be very happy to buy lunch or dinner for anyone who reads this information and has questions. This would allow us time to sit down and discuss any of your questions or concerns. or 334.382-2665 


The Butler County Commitment:

  1. An “Old School” approach to education which includes ensuring that students have their basic needs met, that buildings are safe and clean and that students are well-disciplined.
  2. Teach K-6 students solid leadership skills at the elementary level as part of the elementary school culture (The Leader in Me program).
  3. All 7-12 students participate in at least one extracurricular activity each year without having to pay a fee as part of a graduation requirement. When kids connect to something positive on a regular basis, outstanding student performance outcomes will result.


Bullet-Point Information:

  1. The school system ranks 133 out of 137 school systems in the state in terms of local funding support.
  2. The school system has unusually high debt-per-student at $10,950 per student.
  3. The State of Alabama ranks 50 out of 50 in the US in terms of property tax revenue per-capita.
  4. The current fund balance is at the “low end of healthy” according to the State.
  5. The county has a current Ad Valorem tax rate of 12 mills compared to the State average of 18.2 mills.
  6. The 6 mill increase (18 mills) would equate to $3.75 per month tax increase for the average homeowner in the community with a house Fair Market Value of $75,000.


Click the link below for the plan.

The Butler County Commitment


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