About BCSD
Butler County School System Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

Education without boundaries
Students without limits
  • We will raise students’ level of expectation and give them confidence in their own potential
  • We will expose students to a broad range of life experiences and choices – the arts, career tech, etc., beginning in kindergarten and they will develop a strong work ethic and an ability to adapt to change.
  • Our students will develop positive self esteem, self confidence, outlook, attitude, and sense of belonging.
  • Our schools will have a100% graduation rate
Our Mission
We will provide a safe caring environment were students are challenged to learn, encouraged to develop their potential, and prepared to succeed
  • Foster a strong sense of community, promote academic, social, and athletic excellence, and meet all No-Child-Left-Behind requirements
  • Offer a broad range of curriculum choices and benefit from a high degree of parental involvement
  • Prepare students to enter the job market by understanding what local employers need and preparing students to meet those needs
  • Have life skills, including job skills, social skills, good character, the ability to get along with others
  • Be lifelong learners, productive responsive employees, and involved citizens
  • Be prepared to pursue any desired path and to enter and succeed in college if they so choose
  • Have a sense of pride about Butler County Schools and will give back to the school system
  • Care for students during school hours and provide preschool daycare, afterschool programs, summer programs, school-to-work programs, and adult education
  • Provide athletic and cultural entertainment events that engage the community
  • Are an economic development asset and a major employer in the county

Equal Education Opportunity Statement

It is the policy of the Butler County Board of Education that no person will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity on the basis of race, color, disability, sex, religion, national origin / ethnic group, or age.

Equity Coordinator

In accordance with the provisions of the regulations of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, provisions of the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Butler County Board of Education has adopted a grievance procedure and appointed a responsible coordinator. The coordinator is Mr. Wayne Boswell, Equity Coordinator. Mr. Boswell's office is at the system Central Office, 215 Administrative Drive, Greenville, AL 36037; telephone 334-382-2665.

Extracurricular Programs

Students of all races are encouraged to participate in all extracurricular programs. Sponsors or coaches are available to answer question concerning the programs / activities.

Gifted Education (GE)

In the Butler County School System, gifted students may be found within any race, ethnicity, gender, economic class, or nationality. In addition, some students with disabilities may be found to be gifted. The Butler County Board of Education shall prohibit discrimination against any student on the above basis with respect to participation in the Gifted Education program.

Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Board of Education Office, 211 School Highlands Road, Greenville, AL. The meetings are open to the public. For more information contact the Board of Education at 334-382-2665.

Possession of a Gun

Warning: Possession of a gun in a school zone is a violation of federal law. A violation could result in a $5,000.00 fine and / or five (5) years in a federal prison. Federal Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990.

Title I Public Choice Plan

Pursuant to certain federal law, students attending Butler County Schools have an opportunity to transfer between schools.  However, this is a limited choice. 

Pursuant to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, students who attend a school that is identified for improvement should be given the opportunity to transfer to a school that is not identified for improvement, if parents request such a transfer.  The LEA is providing parents/legal guardians with this opportunity as an option.  This is not mandatory and parents do not have to participate unless they think it is right for their child. 

The LEA will promptly notify parents of the system’s Public School Choice Plan through the system’s website, the dedicated TV channel, and letters to parents of students in schools that have been identified for improvement by the state. 

Under federal law, first priority must be given to the lowest achieving, lowest income students.  Achievement will be based on the student’s score on the statewide assessment program and income will be based on a student’s eligibility for free or reduced meals.  Based on these limitations, transfers will be allowed for students meeting these criteria from their current school that is identified for improvement by the state to an accepting school that is not identified by the state for improvement until the first day of November of the current school year. 

If a parent/legal guardian decides that they want their child to transfer, the parent/legal guardian must complete a form, which is available at the Butler County Board of Education, on or before the deadline of the first day of November of the current school year.  The LEA will inform the parent/legal guardian if the transfer has been approved or not within 10 working days.  If the transfer is not approved, the student will remain enrolled at their current school. 

If the transfer is approved, the student will have free busing, if the parent so request, from the current school to the accepting school for as long as the current school does not make adequate yearly progress on the statewide assessment program standards.  The LEA will not provide free busing to the accepting school if the current school improves and starts meeting state standards.

Student Incident Reports

2009-10 Student Incident Report Summary

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