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Dr. John Strycker

Superintendent's Weekly Update

February 12, 2019

Weekly Update 

The Vision is Unchanged 


Our Ad Valorem proposal was voted down by the community this past month.  However, our vision for the students of Butler County remains unchanged. 

Last year, our school system received a D from the State of Alabama on the State Report Card.  We were able to raise our grade from a “high D” to a “Low C” this year.  However, our grade does not represent the true ability of the young people in our schools. 

When I was hired as Superintendent over a year ago now, I realized that business as usual was not an option considering the current academic rank, standardized test scores and other school data.  I quickly understood that there was no quick-fix to our status and that drastic changes must take place in order to improve from a D to an A.  Certainly, current curriculum initiatives will go a long way.  However for our school system to go from a D to an A, the entire way of thinking must be challenged for such an improvement to take place. 

The Butler County Commitment is nothing fancy.  It is a simple concept to reach the core of human nature – to find the passion which motivates each of our students to become the very best they can be.  For some of us, it was athletics, for others it was music, art or drama.  Some students are motivated by a science club or robotics team.  Whatever the case, I believe strongly that we need to reach the hearts of our young people to motivate them to achieve more than they ever thought they could.

I believe the results of this concept will be higher grades and standardized test scores, better attendance, higher graduation rates, and fewer disciplinary issues.  I believe that if we reach the core passions of our young people, the results will be what we seek.   

I stand firm that Butler County has some of the most intelligent and talented students as anywhere else in the country.  I am convinced that our students are better than a C or D.

Our vision is unchanged no matter the Ad Valorem results:  The Butler County Commitment.

  1. An Old School approach to education which includes ensuring that students have their basic needs met, that buildings are safe and clean and that students are well-disciplined led by staff who are committed.
  2. Teach K-6 students solid leadership skills at the elementary level as part of the elementary school culture.
  3. All 7-12 students participate in at least one extracurricular activity each year without having to pay a fee as part of a graduation requirement. When kids connect to something positive on a regular basis, outstanding student performance outcomes will result.

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