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Dr. John Strycker

Superintendent's Weekly Update

November 6, 2019

School Community Update  

Contagious Kindness

This past month, it was an honor to recognize McKenzie High School student Jia’mere Carter during the Board of Education meeting.  It was good to see many of his friends, family, church members and his teacher attend the meeting as well.  The presentation was one of the most moving recognitions of my career. Watching everyone’s positive and emotional reaction to Jia’mere, I was proud to have had the opportunity to recognize such a fine individual. 

On most Friday mornings, I travel to McKenzie to visit with the staff and students.  I especially look forward to entering Jia’mere Carter’s room.  Without exception, Jia’mere Carter will have a smile on his face and gives me such a warm greeting.  We usually talk for a bit before I move on to the next room.  The main reason I like seeing him is because of how he makes me feel and his positive attitude.  When I see him, he is happy to see me and makes me feel appreciated.  When I talk with his teacher, principal and other students about Jia’mere, it is no surprise that he makes them feel the same way.   

Last week’s Board of Education meeting simply confirmed that some people are so authentically kind that it becomes contagious.  People like Jia’mere have the positive disposition and attitude that we all seek.  Before I gave Jia’mere his certificate, I thanked him for the example he is for other students.  I also thanked him for the example he is in my life.  Jia’mere has overcome more challenges than I can imagine and comes out smiling. 

I challenge all of us in the Butler County School community to become contagious with kindness like Jia’mere Carter.  With all that a day brings us, it is not always easy to smile and be positive.  Nonetheless, the act of kindness is needed now in our society more than ever.  Thank you again, Jia’mere, for the positive role model you are to me and so many others.  Your presence in our schools make a difference more than you might ever know.