BCSS Continuing Education Plan

  • It is the mission of Butler County Schools to continue to provide our students with content that will allow them to stay engaged in the learning process during the unprecedented absence caused by COVID-19.  The links below will provide you with access to electronic copies of all Butler County School's Continuing Education Packets as well as links to additional resources such as APT weekday broadcast schedules for Learn at Home with Alabama Public Television.  Remember that teachers will be on call Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm to support our students as they continue to grow during this time; don't hesitate to reach out because we are here to serve.

    BCSS Continuing Education Packets

    BCSS Academic Continuity Plan (BCACP)

    Suggested activites to keep students engaged:

    1. Read. Read magazines, books, newspaper articles, or technical manuals – it doesn’t matter what you read but read often and read a lot!
    2. Play board games. Give your brain a mental workout by playing games that stretch the brain.
    3. Learn new words. Challenge yourself to learn one new word a day to increase your vocabulary.
    4. Spend time cooking. Reading recipes, measuring ingredients, and watching the clock (elapsed time) are all valuable skills that we use in the kitchen.
    5. Watch Alabama Public Television. APTV offers a variety of educational programs on TV throughout the day – especially for younger students; they also have a wide variety of videos, virtual field trips, and other resources available online.
    6. Participate in online learning activities. The following is a list of resources that your student/s should be familiar with through school. These sites are all available and accessible through our district website. Just have your student sign in through CLEVER and away they go!
      • DREAMBOX
      • LEXIA
      • myON
      • Edgenuity
      • ICEV
      • Soft Skills High
      • Khan Academy
    7. Complete Dual Enrollment and ACCESS Credit Advancement Classes.