BCSS Virtual School Information

  • The BCSS Virtual School offering consists of SchoolsPLP K-12 curriculum which is manned with in-county mentors and teachers to manage the daily flow of instruction. Parents will have a login that will allow monitoring all student activity. Upper level classes (3rd – 12th) formatted with predominately self-paced courses while lower elementary classes (K-2nd) with move at the direction of an assigned in-county teacher. Sample Pacing Documents and sample Parent and Teacher Guides from Schools PLP can be found on the right under Files & Links. The files are a sample of the full virtual option which shows how the courses are organized into 10 types of learning objects for optimum learning experiences (Read It! Practice It! Watch It! Play It! Assess It!). The majority of the activities contained in all pacing guides will be covered for 3rd – 12th grades. If students have mastered a standard, they move forward to the next standard. If students do not master the content, other components (Reinforce It! Extend It! Apply It) may be used as needed by mentors/teachers for intervention or re-teaching purposes based on student progress.