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Dr. John Strycker

Superintendent's Weekly Update

November 8, 2018

Weekly Update 

Veterans Day - A Personal Note 


I have always had tremendous respect and appreciation for our Veterans who sacrificed for the sake of freedom and for the many who made the ultimate sacrifice of their life for our country.  The school systems I have led have also shown great respect for Veterans.  I insist that the students under my care know and understand the value of their freedom and the price paid for it!

However, this year I have decided to make my Veterans Day note very personal and specific to express my gratefulness for our Veterans. 

Just this morning, I got up in a safe neighborhood and went for a run.  During my run, I reflected upon Veterans Day and the fact that I have taken for granted the freedom to run when and where I want to.  I then went to work in a profession I chose in a community I have decided to live.  This too is a privilege.  My daughter and her boyfriend are coming to visit my wife and me this week from out of state.  They will travel here when they want and stay as long as they desire without having to seek any type of permission. This coming Sunday, I will worship the God I chose to worship in a church I chose to worship in.  I realize these liberties did not come free.   

I would like to thank the Veterans and their families on behalf of our school system.  I want to also personally thank you for your sacrifice that allows me the freedoms I greatly value and enjoy.