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Dr. John Strycker

Superintendent's Weekly Update

May 23, 2019

School Community Update 

"Read and Play Outside"

I am very pleased that our school system went from a “D” Letter Grade on the Alabama State Accountability Report Card last year to a “C” this year.  This was due to the hard work of students, staff and our school families.  I am also pleased with our preliminary reports of student growth from this year’s testing cycle.  However, I feel we are much better than a “C” and that our potential for future improvement is great.  I know first-hand that our students and staff are very talented and hold great potential moving forward. 

When I was in elementary school, my principal always told us to read and play outside almost every time he addressed our school or class.  To this day, I can still hear his voice as he would encourage us, “Read and play outside kids!”  At the time, I didn’t give much thought to it other than it must be a good thing to read a lot of books and play outside whenever possible.  Now, as a 30-year educator and parent myself, I completely understand why my elementary principal always suggested our class to do just that:  Read and play outside.

As we look to summer vacation in the age of technology, I too encourage all young people to put down their phone or step away from their TV or computer to simply pick up a book and read or go outside to play.  Even though there are countless studies showing the correlation between reading and being active to high student achievement marks; it just makes sense and it’s enjoyable!  

To all in our school family, I want to thank you for the outstanding school year.  Thank you for emphasizing education as a top priority in our community.  I wish everyone a safe and fun summer with friends and family. I already look forward to the 2019-2020 school-year with great promise.  Keep in touch and if you are ever in the neighborhood of my office, please come by for a visit.

Take care,