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Financial Plan Moving Forward, Front-and-Center

Date:  August 17, 2018
To: All Press
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From: John Strycker, Superintendent (334) 382-2665




Financial Plan Moving Forward, Front-and-Center



The Butler County Board of Education held the regular Board meeting for August Thursday night in the Board room.  Highlighting the meeting were presentations regarding curriculum and instruction, finance, facilities and the superintendent update. 


Before the regular meeting began, the Board held a State required Budget Hearing reporting fiscal year-end data, as well as, projections heading into the next fiscal-year.  “We are projecting to end this fiscal-year with a budget deficit of $623,000 in the General Fund.  However, due to recent Central Office administrative reductions, we are reducing our deficit to $391,364 for fiscal-year 2019,” said Superintendent Dr. John Strycker.


“We have our work cut out for us.  We must become a better school system, regarding student achievement, while spending less money primarily due to our low local revenue and high debt,” said Strycker.  “We have no option but to become more efficient with fewer administrative staff…and we will do such.”   


During the regular meeting, Dr. Strycker reported the next step in the Ad Valorem proposal process.  “We are to the task of collecting signed petitions in support of the proposal,” he said.  “We need a minimum of 300 signatures from registered voters before approaching the County Commission with our request.  Strycker then reviewed the following facts about the proposal:

  1. Butler County ranks 133 out of 137 school systems in the state in terms of local funding support.
  2. The State of Alabama currently ranks 50 out of 50 in the U.S. in terms of property tax revenue per capita according to the 2015 U.S. Census Annual Survey.
  3. The county has a current Ad Valorem school tax rate of 12 mills compared to the State average of 18.2 mills. 
  4. The 6 mill tax increase is estimated to be $3.75 per month for the average homeowner in the county with a house at Fair Market Value of $75,000.


“We hope people realize our current effort is to raise our student achievement marks and contain our budget without additional funding.  We also want our community to know that our love for our students will not change whether the tax increase is approved or not.  We will continue to put our best foot forward,” said Strycker


Curriculum leader Ms. Donna Ash presented data to the Board regarding recent test results.  Ms. Ash shared with the Board that “…much work must be done” for the school system to improve upon the recent test marks. 


“We all (leadership and in the classroom) need to own our data and then be very strategic as to how we will use this data to improve instruction.  It will be about accountability and effort,” she expressed.


The Board also was presented a monthly financial update by Ms. Mosley and facility update by Technology Director Matthew Shell.  Mr. Shell presented a construction update regarding the new playground and park located behind Greenville Elementary School.”


The Board then engaged in a brief discussion regarding a facility proposal for a group to use the Greenville High School Auditorium on Sundays while paying a fee for the usage.  Strycker reviewed the contract proposal with the Board.


“This is a win-win in my opinion,” he said.  “In my previous Superintendent positon, we did something similar providing the school district much needed revenue while not interrupting student use of the facility.  The revenue for that school was around $25,000 a year from the partnership that we were then able to invest in upgrades for that facility…truly a win-win,” said Strycker. 


The Board also approved the monthly Financial Report and Committees for 2018-19.


For the month of August, the Board recognized student Tyler Mallory and employee Tiffany Brooks.


“Tyler is one of the hardest working kids I know for his age.  This summer he practiced basketball for hours in a 100 degree gym.  At a relatively young age, he is a great role model for other student to follow,” said Strycker.


“Ms. Brooks unselfishly put in many hours to improve the campus of Greenville Elementary.  While many give time, she went well above-and-beyond for those students she loves very deeply.”


Regarding any questions or concerns, please call John Strycker, Superintendent, at (334) 382-2665.