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Back to School Draft Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A draft version of a portion of our Back to School plan for 2020-21 is posted below.  Please keep in mind that this plan is subject to change as we get new information, guidance, and/or directives from State, County, and/or City leaders.  Even though the plan may change, we feel it is necessary to share it now as you face the tough decision of whether to send your children back to a school campus on August 20 or whether to have them join us virtually this year instead.  We hope this document answers many of the questions you have regarding how in-person learning will be different from previous years and how our virtual program will function.
It is critical that every student is represented on the Pre-Enrollment Form so that we can make informed decisions regarding adequate staffing and resources for our in-person and virtual programs.  If you have already submitted the Pre-Enrollment Form for each of your children, please accept our thanks.  If you have not completed the Pre-Enrollment Form for each of your children, please do so by Wednesday, July 29.  The Pre-Enrollment Form can be completed online at  Paper copies are available at the Central Office as well as all school campuses if you are unable to complete the form online.