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ALSDE Releases 2021-2022 Report Cards

The Alabama Department of Education has released the Alabama State Report Card, containing a letter grade for schools and school systems across the state. The Report Card reflects several different factors, including academic achievement, academic growth, and chronic absenteeism, as well as graduation rates and college and career readiness for high schools. Follow the link below for each school's score.

According to the data used to measure academic growth and achievement during the 2021-2022 school year, the State Report Card indicated the following results for the Butler County School System:

Butler County - Score 76 (C)

Georgiana School - Score 76 (C) 

Greenville Elementary - Score 79 (C)

Greenville High School - Score 60 (D)

Greenville Middle School - Score 75 (C)

McKenzie School - Score 90 (A)

W.O. Parmer Elementary - Score 77 (C)