Why are you seeking to hold a special election for the Ad Valorem tax proposal?

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After careful consideration, deliberation and consultation among the Board members and with various people across the state familiar with public school finance and local revenue opportunities, the Board decided to ask the Butler County Commission to hold the tax election on January 29, 2019, so that the new tax – if approved by a majority of the voters participating at the election – could be levied and collected beginning October 1, 2019, and the tax proceeds could be put to work in the County to improve education . The tax proceeds will be spend to improve educational opportunities for the students in Butler County as outlined in this plan.  The Code of Alabama (section 16-13-185) directs that the expenses of conducting the election be paid out of the County Treasury.  Further, under the Alabama Code, the County will be paid annually, out of the proceeds of the new tax, the statutorily allowed fees for assessment and collection, amounting to 4% of the proceeds.