Will students enrolled in Virtual School be required to attend 8:00-3:00 or will it be self paced?

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Our current plans are for grades 3-12 to be more flexible with the timing as those courses allow for students to advance through faster, if they want, than the pace recommended by SchoolsPLP and/or our teachers. Students in grades 3-12 also typically require less help from an adult on the virtual platform. Grades K-2 will be more teacher driven and will definitely need the help of an adult at home as these younger students are not as experienced as older students with devices and online learning. While we do plan to be as flexible as possible with day to day timing of assignments, there will be deadlines for course completions and grading. Also, regardless of the grade level, there will likely be some specific dates/times that students will be required to be online with a teacher. As we've shared before, these plans are definitely subject to change as we get a clearer picture of how many students will be participating in our virtual program.